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sacred rage

Sacred Rage:

Are you ready to unlock the fiery sacred rage within you & channel it into positive change?

Most of us, as women, have been conditioned to hide our anger, to fear it, and to worry about how others might perceive us when we express it. But what if your anger is not something to suppress, but rather a powerful ally, a signal of unmet needs, and a catalyst for profound transformation?

Welcome to Sacred Rage:

A Transformative Journey into the Heart of Your Anger

In this one-of-a-kind workshop, you will have the unique opportunity to explore your relationship with anger in a supportive, empowering, and sacred space. This is more than just a workshop—it’s a ceremony, a sisterhood, a journey into the depths of your emotions, and a pathway to liberation and joy.

Why Embrace Your Anger?

Our anger holds valuable insights. It shows us where we feel injustice, disappointment, threat, or violation. By learning to express and understand this intense emotion, we gain clarity and expand our capacity for joy. Sacred rage has driven countless movements and created monumental changes throughout history. It’s time we reclaim this powerful emotion and use it to fuel our transformation.

Anger is just your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. It’s your brain’s way of waving a red flag that a boundary has been broken or a limit has been reached; a boundary or limit you weren’t necessarily aware of, especially if you’ve been running on emergency mode for a while. 

What to Expect at a sacred rage workshop:

Deep Emotional

  • Guided meditations and breathwork to connect with your deepest emotions.
  • Techniques to safely and constructively release anger.
  • Rituals to conjure every instance of crossed boundaries and unresolved hurts, allowing you to fully express and release your rage.


  • Anger activation: Experience liberation by being loud, claiming your space, and crafting a harmonious balance between gentleness and intensity.
  • Sound healing bath to soothe and balance your nervous system.
  • Safe, intentional spaces to speak and act out feelings you’ve kept inside, supported by a community of like-minded women.

Transformation &

  • Release emotions that have been shamed or suppressed for years, even generations.
  • Make space for feelings of joy, freedom, and inspiration by clearing stuck emotions.
  • Gain insight into your boundaries and develop a sense of liberation from challenging emotions like grief, shame, or sadness.

Community &

  • Experience the support and solidarity of other women on the same journey.
  • Create conscious, positive change together in a sacred, non-judgmental environment.

Is This Workshop for You?

  • You want to release your anger but don’t know how or are afraid to do it alone.
  • You feel tensions stuck in your body (neck, lower back pain, headaches) after episodes of anger, frustration, or sadness.
  • You are ready to shift stuck patterns and step into your power.
  • You are tired of not being heard or not being taken seriously.
  • You are angry about the injustices of this world and the violence women face.
  • You feel the frustrations of running your business in a linear world or have faced severe challenges that impacted your business during recent difficult times.
  • You are experiencing midlife rage and are ready to channel it into healthy expression.
  • Your inner child is wounded, furious, and won’t connect with you—this is for you both.
  • You hold resentment or anger towards yourself or others and need a space to heal.
  • You are a people pleaser who has always put others’ needs and wants above yours.
  • You have ancestral trauma that needs to be expressed, healed, and released.
  • You have misplaced anger that makes you lash out at those closest to you when they don’t deserve it.
  • You are healing from addiction or have anger around death, loss, or grief.

If any of these resonate with you, this workshop is your safe space to explore, express, and transform your anger into a force for positive change. By participating in this workshop, you give yourself permission to fully emote and release what has been suppressed inside you. This practice is one of the most transformative and liberating experiences you can have, allowing you to move forward with a sense of healing and empowerment.


a soul sister collaboration

Tania Meacher

Tania is a certified trauma-informed spiritual embodiment & empowerment coach & mentor, as well as a holistic practitioner. Her specialism lies in helping women break free from what holds them back & shedding generational trauma. With a deep understanding of the challenges women face, Tania integrates her personal journey & extensive training in trauma-informed care to guide women towards healing & empowerment.

Her approach blends spiritual wisdom with practical methodologies, offering a safe space for profound transformation & reclaiming personal power. Tania’s own journey through fear, doubt, & disconnection drives her passion to help others on similar paths. Together, you & Tania can work towards personal growth & empowerment, illuminating your path to a brighter life.


Jennifer Chandler

The one & only Liberty Lady! Dedicated to uplifting women & helping them shine at their brightest. Whether it’s through capturing their natural beauty through photography, growing their self-expression & confidence, or using her human design & gene key wisdom to guide women into alignment & flow…she wants you to bloom into your truest, highest, brightest version.

After 10 years of getting women naked, helping them to smash their big fears, she has seen all the emotions & held space for the heaviest of pains. Allowing people to be fully themselves, shadows & rage and all is only possible when the practitioner you’re working with not only names their shadow ‘Nigel’ but also, knows those shadows all contain gifts. 3 years of Human Design & being a Gene Key’s guide has helped shift her perspective, & trust that the path to the gift is through the shadows, & in this case the rage.

Join us & transform your rage into a sacred force for positive change

DATE: Tuesday 10 September

VENUE: The Liberty Lounge, 10 Grove Road, Southsea, PO5 3QT

TIME: 6:30-9:00


Only 10 Spaces Available

We can't wait to witness your full fire