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my mission

I am passionate about empowering women on their journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, helping them unlock their true potential, strength, and purpose.

  • Are you tired of being held back by past experiences?
  • Do you desire the confidence to shine bright from within?


Together, we explore themes of inner peace, intuitive flow, and vitality, integrating science with spirituality as needed. My approach includes coaching, somatic release, emotional clearing, and intuitive energy work, tailored to your unique journey. I see myself as a guide, creating a secure space for your healing journey from fragmentation to wholeness. These sessions empower you to embrace your natural wellness and trust your own resources.

Remember, your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. Reach out to me today, and let’s start a transformational journey that begins with embracing your inner self.

★ Certified Trauma Informed Ancestral & Spiritual Empowerment Coach ★
★ Creatrix of Ancestral Alchemy™ & Womb Alchemy® ★
★ Celtic Sorceress & Ancient High Priestess ★
★ Intuitive Energy & Soul Healer, & Bodyworker ★
★ Facilitator of Women’s Empowerment Circles & Workshops ★
★ Multi-award Winner Within The Wellness Industry ★
★ Ancestral Alchemist & womb whisperer ★
This powerful method helped me recognize that the narrative I had lived my entire life was not entirely mine but a tapestry woven by my ancestors.
Tania meacher

Embracing Transformation: My Journey to Empowerment & Healing

Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the supernatural and mystical realms, leading me to explore various spiritual paths and discover my own abilities. Alongside these insights, my life journey has been marked by profound challenges – from enduring multiple traumas to navigating through failed marriages, toxic relationships, and cycles of hardship, including homelessness and addiction.

Despite these hardships, I reached a turning point where I decided to rewrite my life’s story. Exploring family constellations therapy was pivotal. It revealed how generational patterns of trauma and abandonment shaped my experiences. By shedding these inherited burdens and embracing my authenticity, I found empowerment and a renewed sense of worth.

Today, I integrate my personal journey and extensive training in trauma-informed care to guide women towards healing and empowerment. My approach blends spiritual wisdom with practical methodologies, offering a safe space for profound transformation and reclaiming personal power.

Tania Meacher - UK's leading Ancestral Alchemist & Spiritual Empowerment Coach | Ancestral Alchemy


I have always been captivated by books, ancient myths, mysteries, crystals, candles, and exploring sacred sites through travel. The opportunity to delve into a place’s history truly exhilarates me; it evokes a certain sense of wonder and appreciation. Standing on the same ground where our ancestors once stood and experiencing that profound connection to a greater something is truly magical.

I’m a sun sign Leo, but my moon sign is Gemini and my rising sign is Sagittarius. As an ENFJ personality and a 6/2 Manifesting Generator in human design, I strive to create positivity and bring balance and healing to the world.

Green is my all-time favourite colour. I mean, who doesn’t love the colour of life, nature, and growth? It’s such a calming colour that brings balance and restores energy. Can you tell I’m obsessed with it?

My name, Tania, derives from the Russian Tatiana or Titania, meaning “Fairy Queen”. Yet my roots, are Celtic, my grandmother was a Robertson, and I am a descendant of Queen Boudicea.

When it comes to magic, I have experienced numerous lives as a wisdom keeper and midwife of change, passed down by by my ancestors and fortified by divine energy. I still carry that role in my present existence. I utilise my expertise and skills to generate nothing but uplifting and positive energies in my surroundings.

In a past life, I served as a Lyran High Priestess, harnessing the power of sound vibrations and pink light to help women heal and find balance through their sacral chakra. Even today in this present time, I continue to harness this energy within the work I do as an ancestral alchemist. I love how our past encounters, and gifts weave through to mould and shape our present paths

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