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the Alchemist's Retreat

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the alchemist retreat

I am thrilled to invite you to the Alchemist Retreat, a cozy sanctuary tucked away in my serene garden in the suburbs of Havant. Nestled on a ley line and surrounded by natural springs, this retreat holds a special place in my heart. Despite not being a native of Havant, I have felt a captivating energy and deep connection to the divine feminine that permeates this magical space.

Havant is home to over twenty springs that bubble up within its ancient parish, each a reflection of the graceful essence of the divine feminine embodied in the element of water. By exploring our bond with water, we can tap into our yin energy and embrace our own feminine essence. Water influences many aspects of our lives, from intuition and compassion to spirituality and creativity, guiding us in deepening our connection with our true selves.

I believe that having the Alchemist Retreat situated in this sacred space, offering holistic healing therapies, is truly special. I look forward to sharing this journey with you as we explore the depths of our being and embrace the mystery and magic that lies within us. Welcome to the Alchemist Retreat, where transformation and healing await.

kind words

“My safe, calm haven. But it is truly Tania that makes this space magical, she has been blessed with healing powers.”
Joanne Lowe
“Tania is magic, pure and simple! She instantly puts you at ease as you walk into the Zen garden and are greeted with a lovely smile, the treatment room is beautiful, a real haven. when I see her I am completely de-stressed and leave feeling like I am floating. Her knowledge and experience is astounding, and I love nothing more than chatting away the time with her during my appointments. I really can not recommend Tania enough!”
Sara Elkins
"Tania’s treatment room is always warm and welcoming. Even after my first visit Tania felt like an old friend, I never feel hurried when I’m speaking to her. I never want to leave and don’t know what I would do without my visits to Tania as part of my ‘me time’.”
Emily Humphreys
“From start to finish i felt attended to and relaxed. The room itself just oozed zen and I felt like i was stepping into a little haven! ”
Chantelle Beer

heal | Renew | transform

the Power of Holistic Healing

I specialize in trauma-informed care, drawing from over 15 years of supporting women’s wellness through diverse modalities and my own transformative journey. I believe our past shapes us, but it doesn’t define us. My approach respects your pace and aligns with your needs as a compassionate witness. I don’t aim to fix you because you are not broken.

During our sessions, I prioritise tuning into your body in a safe, nurturing way. Together, we address symptoms such as heightened anxiety, anger, or deep numbness and explore themes of inner peace, intuitive flow, and vitality. I blend scientific knowledge with spiritual insight, adapting each session to meet you where you are. This might involve coaching, somatic release, emotional clearing, or intuitive energy work, among other methods.

I see myself as a vessel, creating a secure space for your body to heal and move towards wholeness. These sessions are for those ready to embody their natural wellness and feel empowered in their own resources. My role is not to hold your hand but to guide you to rediscover your inner wisdom and personal strength.


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