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Tania Meacher - spiritual coaching and ancestral healing with family constellations
Tania Meacher - spiritual coaching and ancestral healing with family constellations

Discover the Power of Spiritual Coaching

Embrace the Journey of Self-Discovery & Growth

If you find yourself here, it’s because deep down, your Soul is seeking something more. It’s craving empowerment in your relationships, career, business, self-expression, or even in your sense of confidence, security, and overall well-being.

Your Soul may also be gently nudging you to share your unique gifts and wisdom with the world in bigger, more impactful ways. It’s urging you to trust yourself, make a difference, and align with your purpose.

Embrace this opportunity for growth and fulfillment – your Soul knows you are destined for greatness.

empowering women in life & business

1:1 Spiritual Coaching

Working one-on-one with me will unlock your limitless potential, turning your pain into purpose, and guiding you into the future you deserve.

Personal development is the best investment you’ll ever make. The journey of self-discovery you’ll embark on will not only transform your life but also inspire those around you. Your growth empowers others to grow as well.

This is especially for women who are seeking more in their life or business, empowering them to feel truly authentic and empowered. 

Your past doesn’t have to define your future. You deserve deep healing and lasting positive change. With my tools and experience, we can get you there. If you’re ready to say YES to yourself, you’re in the right place.

Tania Meacher - spiritual coaching and ancestral healing with family constellations

UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL with spiritual coaching

Life-Changing Transformations

Imagine transforming the pain of your past into a source of passion and purpose that drives your future. 

What if you could rewrite the limiting beliefs buried in your subconscious mind, preventing you from achieving the success you deserve? 

Picture yourself freeing from self-sabotaging behaviors that have held you back for so long.

There is a different way to live—one where you feel confident, magnetic, abundant, worthy, and loved in every aspect of your life. A way to break free from the suffering and conditioning of the past and the repetitive negative patterns of the present.

Experience the power of

Ancestral Alchemy®

I work with women ready to take control of their lives, do the inner work necessary for deep transformation, and craft a new narrative. A narrative where they say ‘YES’ to themselves and step fully into their infinite potential.

Through the unique method of Ancestral Alchemy®, I weave together spiritual coaching with healing practices like: Family Constellations, Ancestral Healing, Energy Medicine, NLP, Life Sciences, and Embodiment Practices. This potent blend of science and sacred feminine healing arts addresses deep-rooted issues, fostering lasting change in all areas of your life.

Experience the power of Ancestral Alchemy®—shift your perspective, heal past wounds, and unlock your full potential. Watch your life transform in extraordinary ways.


“We often unknowingly bear the burdens and traumas of our ancestors, not fully understanding the origins of our own strengths, talents and gifts. By incorporating ancestral healing practices, I can help you release these obstacles and make room for positive people, places, things, and ideas, and embrace your true potential. 

Let’s work together to unlock the best version of yourself.”

ancestral alchemy®

spiritual coaching

is for you if....

physical symptoms of ancestral trauma

Are you a woman feeling trapped, lost, or uncertain in any area of your life, business, or career? Do you need help finding your authentic self, purpose, or direction, while releasing what no longer serves you? 

I am here to offer the support and guidance you seek. Let’s collaborate to unlock your full potential and craft a life that aligns with your true essence. 

Allow me assist you in rediscovering your true self and creating a life that truly reflects who you are.

physical symptoms of ancestral trauma

If you’re facing issues with confidence, self-worth, validation-seeking, and feeling lost without boundaries, I’m here to help.

As a spiritual coach, I can offer guidance and tools to navigate these challenges.

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Let’s work together to find inner strength and empowerment. You deserve to feel confident and worthy. Let’s start this transformation together.

physical symptoms of ancestral trauma

You are curious about spirituality, maybe you’ve recently experienced a spiritual awakening and you’re feeling unsure about which path to take.

The abundance of information can be overwhelming, leaving you unsure of how to tap into your gifts and where they originate from.

Drawing from my own experiences, I can help you discover your authentic spiritual path that aligns perfectly with who you are. 

why work with me?

I possess a special gift and a true passion for uplifting and empowering women just like you. With over ten years of experience in the wellness industry, I have dedicated myself to helping numerous women discover healing, personal growth, and transformation.

Through my own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, I have acquired valuable insights that can lead you towards a more fulfilling path, no matter where you currently stand in life.

I provide a safe and encouraging space for uncovering your core beliefs, envisioning your potential, and celebrating your unique gifts. Embracing every aspect of growth – Reflecting, Reconnecting, Reimagining, and Rebirthing – enables us to transcend limitations and tap into our true potential.

No matter where you are on your journey, you are valued and embraced. I am here to meet you at your current place, offering support and guidance as you embark on the transformative journey towards the life you desire.

ancestral alchemy® spiritual coaching testimonial

Don’t just take my word for it

Listen in to what Jo has to say about her experience working with me with her ancestral alchemy® spiritual coaching sessions.

Your New Chapter Awaits:

A Journey to Fulfillment

Is it time for you to embrace feelings of confidence, magnetism, abundance, worthiness, and love in every aspect of your life? Are you ready to break free from past suffering and old conditioning, and start writing a new chapter for yourself?

We all go through tough times, and I am here to offer my help, guidance, and support as you heal, grow, and become the best version of yourself. Making lasting positive changes in your life is completely achievable, and you don’t have to go through it on your own.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or lost, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been in your shoes, and from my struggles, I discovered my purpose… Now it’s your turn.

Let’s work together so you can uncover your full potential and reach new levels of freedom, passion, and fulfillment in your life.

Success Stories from past clients

My clients love working with me, just read what they have to say!

spiritual coaching | in person or online

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Once your payment notification is received, we’ll proceed with the next steps.

You’ll receive your complete coaching guide, detailing everything you need to know.

Review and sign the coaching contract to ensure a clear and mutually respectful relationship.

Understand the framework and expectations for our sessions, ensuring a focused and productive journey.

Clear instructions on how to book your sessions with me, ensuring a seamless and easy process.

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sacred beginnings

£ 60 pay-as-you-go
  • 60 Minute Coaching & Mentoring Session: Targeting a single area of focus that is looking for attention &/or intervention
  • Virtual sessions: Held via zoom & recorded
  • Instant Booking

sacred beginnings

in person
£ 60 pay-as-you-go
  • 60 Minute Coaching & Mentoring Session: Targeting a single area of focus that is looking for attention &/or intervention
  • Virtual sessions: Held via zoom & recorded
  • Instant Booking

sacred mastery

online | in person
£ 888 Full payment
  • 8 x 60 Minute Coaching & Mentoring Sessions
  • Embodied homework practices & recommendations: For daily life application
  • WhatsApp: Additional support & accountability between sessions
  • Virtual sessions: Held via zoom & recorded
  • Scheduling Sessions: Once payment has been made, booking instructions will be sent through

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Not sure where to start or what you need exactly? Let me help you figure out the best option(s) for you. Just take a peek at my calendar to see when I’m free, and book in a relaxed, no-pressure 30-minute call whenever suits you best. Can’t wait to chat with you!