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Healing the MotherLine & Generational Trauma Retreat

Our relationship with our mothers is one of the most profound connections we experience. It shapes how we perceive our bodies, our capabilities, and our place in the world. The mother wound, an inherited pain passed down through generations, is a key part of this dynamic. Healing the motherline isn't about fixing our mothers; it's about embracing ourselves and our unique gifts without shame.

Healing the Motherline and Generational Healing Retreat


& generational trauma RETREAT

The motherline wound originates from a disconnect where a mother, due to her own unresolved issues, unmet needs, or narcissistic tendencies, fails to meet her child’s emotional needs. The child’s life then revolves around fulfilling their mother’s expectations. The wound can also come about as a result of an absent mother, or mother struggling with mental health issues or addictions.  

This disconnect with the mother-child relationship can impact many aspects of our lives:

  • Our selfimage and body confidence. 
  • Our relationships and friendships with other women. 
  • Our fears of being seen or judged. 
  • Our tendencies towards codependency or enmeshment. 
  • Our ability to trust others and life itself. 
  • Our experiences of abandonment or attachment. 
  • Our beliefs about money and abundance. 
  • Our capacity for healthy, loving romantic relationships.


The Power of
Collective Healing

Healing the motherline is a transformative journey, where acknowledging the wound allows us to see our mothers as human and fallible. This process enables you to rewrite old narratives, cultivate self-trust, recognize your intrinsic worth, and shine brightly. 
When we come together to share our experiences, it becomes clear that our struggles are not unique. This shared understanding helps to dissolve layers of shame and fosters a powerful community healing environment. 
We provide a safe, sacred space throughout our time together on the healing the motherline retreat, for you to heal and move from overwhelm to peace of mind.  
Healing the Motherline and Generational Healing Retreat

What You'll Gain from Attending

Understand the nature of the mother wound & its impact on your life.

Follow a clear roadmap for the healing journey.

Discover how this healing can propel your personal & professional growth.

Access tools & resources for ongoing healing,


Transforming Trauma
into Empowerment

Trauma can be at the root of depression and anxiety disorders and this retreat will give you the opportunity to explore the trauma brought on by your upbringing and your difficult relationship with your mother in childhood and currently and any ancestral trauma that has been brought down through the motherlines. 
Together, we will explore the path towards freeing yourself from the roles in your family system, the chronic people pleasing, and the feelings of disconnection and resentment that hold you back. Let us guide you in rediscovering your innate ability to effortlessly find the peace you so deserve. 
Through engaging in both group and individual exercises, you will embark on a transformative journey where you will uncover fresh pathways to embrace your genuine self and unleash your true potential. This empowering experience will pave the way for you to embrace your inner strength and evolve into the incredible person you were always destined to become in every aspect of your life.
Healing the Motherline and Generational Healing Retreat


A Sanctuary for Healing

For those who have endured trauma, constantly bracing for the next challenge takes a toll. This retreat offers a sanctuary where you can finally relax and shed your protective armour. It's a safe space to heal, grow, and reclaim the spirit you were born with.

The Healing the Motherline retreat helps you remember and celebrate your inherent self-worth. Within a supportive and respectful community, you can explore and heal your most challenging issues at your own pace. Our environment values vulnerability and honesty, fostering deep personal growth.


When You Heal The

You open up the space to be your true self. You grant yourself the freedom to become the woman you are meant to be. 
In this retreat, you will learn to: 
  • Communicate and express yourself authentically. 
  • Release negative thoughts, feelings, and labels. 
  • Free yourself from others’ expectations. 
  • See triggers as opportunities for healing. 
  • Value being over doing. 
  • Embrace your vulnerability as a strength. 
  • Trust your intuition and connect deeply with your mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Deepen your connection to the Earth and its magic. 
This deep inner work heals the trauma and conditioning passed down through generations, clearing ancestral lines and paving the way for future generations. This retreat allows you to release what has held you back and to express your true nature and spirit.


Tania Meacher

For years, fear, insecurity, and disconnection have consumed my life. These emotions trapped me in a continuous battle with self-doubt, convinced that I was never truly deserving. Consequently, I found myself constantly seeking external validation, desperately trying to prove my worth. This pursuit only led me to attract toxic relationships, perpetuating a cycle of unhappiness. All of these struggles have their origins deeply embedded in the wounds of generational trauma. 
All of that transformed when I fully embraced my personal healing journey with my ancestors. Today, I proudly stand as the leading lady in my own life. I have finally unlocked the ability to love myself unconditionally and become my own source of validation. With new-found courage, I fearlessly pursue my dreams and embrace risks. The shadow of failure and judgment no longer haunts me. I have learned to trust my intuition, seeking guidance within myself as my truest confidant. Finally, I am thriving in a life I wholeheartedly adore. 
I am here to support those of you who are treading the same path as mine, in breaking free from the burdens of generational trauma that have shaped your experiences. Together, we can pave the way for your personal growth and empowerment to help you shine brightly in your own life.

Vanessa Wallace

After years of active and chronic addiction I came into recovery in 2001 to be confronted with a whole heap of self esteem work I needed to do. 
I was terrified of judgement and was a chronic people pleaser. I had no boundaries in my life with others or with myself. There were abandonment issues from my childhood which I needed to work through. My life was limited as a result and I felt frustrated at my inability to find authentic meaning in my life. 
Following a life transition into running my own business in 2017 (the business of my dreams) I ventured onto a spiritual path which took me to Australia to a retreat last year. There I connected with some of my lineage. I had always been curious about my grandmother who was an alcoholic. Was that where I got it from? 
My journey since then has involved a deeper level of healing and discovery and I am so excited to share this with others to help them ‘Heal their mother line’ and release what has been passed down to us in dysfunction and mental struggles due to the restrictions that have been placed on women for so many years.

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HEALING THE MOTHERLINE & generational Trauma retreat

Is Retreat For You?

This retreat is specifically designed to help women and men who want to build their self esteem and self worth, particularly if they believe it is connected to their relationship with their mother or due to unhealthy patterns that may have come down the lineage in their family. Each of us faces unique circumstances that impact us individually. Do you relate to any of the following issues? 
Painful childhood memories that still affect you 
Struggles in your relationship with your mother 
Constantly people pleasing 
Difficulty setting boundaries in your life 
Engaging in dysfunctional relationships, such as being drawn to narcissistic individuals 
Engaging in behaviours that you are aware are not beneficial for your well-being 
Anger and resentment towards you mother
If any of these resonate with you, and you are ready to break free from the inherited shame and self-doubt. Ready to build a foundation of deep self-nurturance, and reconnect with your inner wisdom and soul, you will love this retreat filled with connection, support, learning, growth, and nourishment.

our retreat venue

Our retreat houses are serene sanctuaries designed to foster peace and tranquility. As soon as you arrive in the idyllic setting, you’ll be enveloped by a sense of calm and inner peace. Featuring comfortable en-suite guest rooms, communal dining spaces, and spacious workshop areas, our retreat offers everything you need for a rejuvenating experience.

Healing the Motherline and Generational Healing Retreat
Each retreat includes: 
  • Overnight accommodation 
  • Home-cooked meals daily: (self-serve breakfast, delicious lunches & evening meals) 
  • Morning meditations and grounding exercises to prepare our nervous systems for the healing work 
  • Therapeutic workshops 
  • Ancestral and womb healing 
  • Creative healing activities 
  • Workshops on boundaries and changing dysfunctional life patterns 
  • Family systems and constellations workshops 
  • Inner child work 
  • Forgiveness work 
  • Self-reflection time
  • Time healing in Mother Nature 
  • Wild-swimming (optional) 
  • Sauna or hot tub (dependent on venue) 
  • Massage and other holistic therapies (dependent on venue, additional cost)
A example of one of our itineraries
healing the motherline retreat
healing the motherline retreat

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healing the motherline retreat

October 15-17th |The Island, Oxfordshire

The Island Oxfordshire

own room £1350

The Island in Oxfordshire

shared room £950

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