Unlocking Healing with soul Family Constellations

Heal Generational Patterns, Cultivate Stronger Relationships

Understanding Family Constellation Work

Family Constellation Work delves into the hidden entanglements within ancestral lines, unraveling the threads that impact our present health and well-being. Rooted in the pioneering work of Bert Hellinger, this transformative process sheds light on the barriers we unknowingly carry from our ancestors, shaping our personal and professional lives. Tania offers tailored sessions, workshops, and retreats, guiding individuals towards profound healing and understanding.

Unveiling Ancestral Dynamics

Exploring the Depths of Your Family's Story

Family Constellations is a groundbreaking methodology for healing trauma and gaining insights into our current challenges, whether personal, family, or professional. 

By opening ourselves to a broader perspective, we can explore the intricate web of our family dynamics, early childhood experiences, and ancestral influences. 

Through this unique lens, we gain profound insights and perspectives that can shift long-held patterns, leading to transformative healing.

Family Constellations, ancestral healing, Spiritual Coaching, Ancestral Alchemy, Tania Meacher

Breaking Free from the Shackles of the Past

What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations work offers a new relationship with our bodies, allowing us to release unconscious traumas and stresses held within our family systems. These unresolved issues often manifest in various aspects of our lives, from relationships to health, finances, and personal success.

Through group exercises and systemic mapping, participants gain a wider perspective, recognizing the intricate systems they are born into and their role within them. This new understanding helps to dismantle blocks and obstacles, fostering personal growth and liberation.

An embodiment practice at its core, Family Constellations require courage, willingness, and a surrender to the body’s wisdom and expression. You are not required to deeply analyse things or even talk much at all, beyond describing your issue and some of your ancestral history if you know it. You are invited to witness the healing process to unfold through movement and representation.

How Does Healing Happen in a Family Constellations Session?

Bert Hellinger introduced the Orders of Love, guiding principles that underpin the healing process:

  • Inclusion: Everyone belongs in the family system, and excluded individuals must be acknowledged and brought back into the fold.
  • Order: Each member of the family system has a specific place and order, which is restored through positioning representatives.
  • Balance: Relationships thrive on a balance of giving and receiving, restoring harmony and love within the system.

Through constellation setups and healing sentences, participants address personal and deeply felt issues, ranging from relationship challenges to trauma and beyond. This process offers transformative insights, guiding individuals towards peace, happiness, and purpose.

The best way to see how this happens is to attend a session in person and see for yourself!

Family Constellations, ancestral healing, Spiritual Coaching, Ancestral Alchemy, Tania Meacher
Family Constellations, ancestral healing, Spiritual Coaching, Ancestral Alchemy, Tania Meacher

Benefits of Family Constellations

  • Healing Relationships: Shedding light on unresolved traumas and hidden dynamics fosters healing and reconciliation, benefiting individuals and future generations.
  • Understanding Patterns: Identifying repeated patterns in family history offers clarity on generational issues.
  • Personal Growth: Participants often experience a deeper connection to themselves, leading to personal growth and a better understanding of their place in the family system.

Unlock Transformation with Family Constellations

These sessions offer profound solutions for a variety of issues, including:

  • Relationship struggles within families, partnerships, and parent-child dynamics
  • Parenting concerns, including worries about one’s own children
  • Navigating divorce or separation
  • Battling depression or anxiety
  • Coping with workplace stress
  • Overcoming addiction
  • Dealing with issues surrounding adoption, infertility, miscarriage, or abortion
  • Healing from experiences of abuse, incest, or rape
  • Confronting illness, disability, mortality, or grief
  • Breaking through barriers to achieving life/business goals
  • Managing panic attacks or anxiety
Family Constellations, ancestral healing, Spiritual Coaching, Ancestral Alchemy, Tania Meacher

family constellations workshops held in hampshire, & online via zoom

Experiencing a Family Constellations Session

During a Family Constellations session, participants are guided through a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. 

In a secure and confidential environment, you and your fellow participants gather under the guidance of myself to create a constellation. There are 2 ways to participate in a workshop as an Issue Holder / Seeker, and Representative


This is the individual who brings their personal struggle to the forefront for exploration. This is typically something which feels like a burden, a lingering presence that won’t dissipate no matter how much you discuss or analyze it, is a deep heart-longing for resolution. Your explanation need not be extensive; in fact, it is better if it isn’t. I will guide you in selecting participants from the workshop circle to represent key elements and family members, laying the foundation for a transformative Constellation experience. Trust in the process and let your issue find its path to healing and resolution.


By selecting people to stand in for your family members or the elements of your chosen issue, you are inviting powerful insights and revelations to emerge. These individuals will serve as your representatives, tapping into the emotions, urges, and sensations that stem from your family system. Through this connected energy field, hidden dynamics are brought to light, paving the way for greater understanding, clarity, and resolution. This unique process can lead you towards a new perspective and help you find a path towards a solution. Trust in the wisdom that can be unlocked through this transformative experience.

This immersive experience offers you radically new and transformative insights into how you perceive people and events, paving the way for greater peace, happiness, and purpose in your life.

No prior knowledge of this methodology is needed—simply come with an open heart and mind, ready to explore and embrace the transformative power of Family Constellations.


private 1:1 sessions

Personalized Constellation Experience

Following a brief interview, you’ll be invited to select and arrange figurines or footprints to depict your loved ones, facilitated either in person or online. As a participant, you may also be asked to physically position yourself as a representative, guided by the facilitator.

Unlike the more observational role of being an issue-holder in a group setting, in a private session, you’ll actively participate in the constellation process. This immersive experience not only enhances your body awareness and mindfulness but also offers invaluable insights and healing towards resolving your issue.

Typically lasting up to 90-120 minutes, a private session requires no special preparation, offering a convenient and transformative opportunity for self-discovery and growth.

Family Constellations, ancestral healing, Spiritual Coaching, Ancestral Alchemy, Tania Meacher

Anyone feeling stuck due to family-related issues, wanting to understand family patterns, or wishing to address generational traumas may find Family Constellations beneficial. However, it’s always crucial to consult with a mental health professional before deciding on a therapeutic method.

The more names and stories that are available the better but it is also possible to work with the stories without all the full information available.

Yes, those who have passed away are still very much a significant part of the dynamic. Members of the group will represent the members of your family. Constellations are worked with on a soul level.

Most certainly, the Constellation work will help you to get in touch with the roots of who you are and will give you a place to heal the gaps you may feel by not knowing your family.

No, men are welcome to attend all Family Constellation workshops, as well as book in for 1:1 private sessions too.

In person workshops are generally hosted in the Havant, Waterlooville, Cosham, Emsworth, Chichester, Portsmouth, Petersfield and surrounding areas. 

Online workshops are hosted via zoom.

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