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Learn the sacred art of needle felting an Ancestral Medicine Doll

Embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery and transformation through the sacred art of needle felting. Creating your own felted ancestral medicine doll is a powerful way to enhance your connection to the divine, transform limiting beliefs, and create a vessel of healing energy. This practice serves as a mirror reflecting your inner landscape and a portal for growth and expansion.

Unveil the Transformative Power of Ancestral Medicine Dolls

Uncover the age-old tradition of creating ancestral medicine dolls, also referred to as Healing Dolls or Spirit Dolls, and tap into the spiritual energy and healing powers passed down through generations.

These ancient symbols encapsulate the sacred bond between nature, spirit, and one’s true self. Acting as sacred vessels, they possess the ability to harness and transmit prayers, self-expression, gratitude, and healing energy.

Crafted with the intent to invoke change, clarity, and transformation within both the creator and keeper, these dolls hold immense potential for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Embrace the magic of Ancestral Medicine Dolls and unlock the pathways to inner healing and spiritual awakening.

“Dolls are one of the symbolic treasures of the instinctual nature. For centuries humans have felt that dolls emanate both a holiness and mana – an awesome and compelling prescience which acts upon persons, changing them spiritually. Dolls are believed to be infused with life by their makers. They are used as markers of authority and talismans to remind one of one’s own power.” 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes | Women Who Run With Wolves

What Is An
Ancestral Medicine Doll

Ancestral Medicine Dolls serve as potent symbols of the deep connection and innate wisdom that exists between nature, spirit, and our true selves. These sacred containers are crafted with care to hold the essence of our prayers, expressions, gratitude, and healing intentions. By embodying our desires for transformation, clarity, and change, Ancestral Medicine Dolls ignite the energy needed to bring about profound shifts in our lives.

Embracing the Divine Feminine Within

Within each of us resides the Divine Feminine, a powerful force urging us to embrace her presence and honor our authentic selves without hesitation. This essence, wild and untamed, draws upon the wisdom of nature and our intuition to guide us on our journey.

The Multifaceted Divine Feminine

  • The Playful Inner Child: Seeking recognition and joy.
  • The Nurturing Mother: Protecting and caring for us.
  • The Wise Crone: Offering wisdom and guidance rooted in deep knowledge.

Crafting Sacred Containers

Each Ancestral Medicine Doll is meticulously crafted to embody these facets, creating a vessel for personal and spiritual growth. The dolls are not just objects but sacred containers holding the energy and intentions of their creators.

Igniting Transformational Energy

By engaging in the creation of these dolls, we tap into the transformative power of the Divine Feminine. This practice helps us align with our true selves, embrace our intuitive wisdom, and manifest the changes we seek in our lives.

Embrace the sacred process of crafting Ancestral Medicine Dolls to honor the Divine Feminine within, and unlock the pathways to profound personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

Examples of the Symbolic Uses of Medicine Dolls

  • Manifesting intentions, prayers, goals, and dreams
  • Facilitating healing and transformative change
  • Fostering personal empowerment
  • Exploring shadow work
  • Supporting trauma and grief therapy
  • Open to the world of magic
  • Represent specific qualities on your altar or home
  • Connect with your inner child
  • Deepen your connection to spirit
  • Hold space during ceremonies or rituals
  • Celebrate solar returns, birthdays, special moments
  • Mark a rite of passage

Harness the Power of Ancestral Medicine Dolls for Profound Transformation

By embracing the practice of creating and using medicine dolls, you are embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. These sacred tools not only help you set intentions and provide support during times of trauma but also inspire you to connect with your inner strength and resilience.

Whether you choose to work with medicine dolls in your personal growth journey or within a community setting, they are powerful symbols of healing and transformation. By infusing these dolls with your deepest desires and intentions, you can spark meaningful changes in your life and find support during life’s challenges.
By incorporating these sacred tools into your life, you can deepen your understanding of yourself and your path, empowering you to navigate through life’s difficulties with grace and courage. The journey of self-exploration and empowerment awaits as you embrace the magic of medicine dolls.

The creation process

Embrace the sacred creation process of crafting an Ancestral Medicine Doll, where nature and spirit converge to bring these unique dolls to life. Each doll is meticulously needle-felted from an array of luxurious wools and natural fibers, ensuring every detail is crafted with intention and care.

A Mindful and Grounded Journey

Experience the mindful journey of creating each doll, as the process is slow, grounded, and infused with thoughtful energy. The space and materials are purified with sacred herbs, creating a harmonious environment for the dolls to come to life.

The Heart of the Medicine Doll

Within the heart of every Medicine Doll lies a medicine bundle filled with special herbs, dried flowers, talismans, and oils, empowering the doll to channel guided intentions and prayers.

Unlocking the Doll’s True Essence

As we embark on the creation process, the spark of inspiration plays a crucial role in unlocking the true essence of each doll. By embracing a mindset of openness, release, and surrender, you allow the energy of the doll to guide you towards its unique identity. The result? A one-of-a-kind medicine doll that is utterly irreplaceable.

Intentionally Faceless for Personal Connection

These intentionally faceless dolls serve as a blank canvas for you to project your own experiences, emotions, and narratives. This lack of facial features invites personal interpretation and connection, fostering a deep, individualized bond.

A Manifestation of Inner Desires

Let these dolls be a manifestation of your inner desires and aspirations, guiding you on a spiritual journey unlike any other.

Embrace Authentic Self-Expression Through Medicine Dollmaking

The Medicine Dollmaking journey is not about achieving perfection in shape and design; it’s about tapping into your authentic self-expression that stems from a deeper, more instinctual place. Each Medicine Doll is not necessarily meant to be ‘pretty’, but instead, a true reflection of what is flowing authentically from within as a soulful expression. This authenticity is what imbues each doll with a unique and energetic beauty, making them truly magical creations. Let your creativity and intuition guide you in creating a Medicine Doll that is a true reflection of your inner self.

sacred threads workshop details

Join me for a cozy gathering at my home in Havant, Hampshire!

A full day workshop: 10-16:30pm

£100 per-person

What’s included:

  • Receive divine guidance through Oracle cards.
  • A shamanic journey to channel messages or symbols from your ancestors to incorporate into your doll
  • Step-by-step sacred needle felting tutorial
  • Wool and needle felting tools are supplied for the class
  • Creation of your medicine bundle, incorporating herbs, dried flowers, crystals, feathers, charms
  • Sacred space for community connection, inspiration, and sharing
  • A light lunch & refreshments

*Once you secure your ticket, you can look forward to receiving a confirmation email with all the important details, including the complete address. I will also be in touch regarding dietary requirement for your lunch. 

PS: You also get to share the space with my crazy loveable dog too.

workshop love

“Tania’s Medicine Dolls have fascinated me for years, so I was thrilled to learn that she was offering workshops on how to make them. My knowledge of felting was non-existent when I arrived. Under Tania’s patient guidance, I created a wonderful medicine doll of my own despite my lack of creative abilities. I found the workshop to be very inspiring and enjoyable. Tania is highly recommended.”

kellie gibson

“Amazing day. Well organised. It went by so quickly and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I enjoyed the homemade food and look forward to attending future workshops.”

Michaela steel

“I spent a magical day with Tania yesterday learning how to create my own Celtic
medicine doll. It was really fun to learn a new skill, but even more so, it was amazing to sit crafting a magical tool with like-minded sisters in such a beautiful and welcoming home. Tania is so knowledgeable, and I particularly loved the ancestor meditation and found the oracle card guidance particularly relatable.”


“The doll is the symbol of what lies buried in humans that is numinous. It is a small and glowing facsimile of the original Self. Superficially, it is just a doll. But inversely, it represents a little piece of soul that carries all the knowledge of the larger soul-Self.” 

Clarissa Pinkola Estes | Women Who Run With Wolves