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Transforming Inherited Trauma to Empowered Confidence

An invitation to join my signature offering, Ancestral Alchemy® 4-month group program. A safely held, trauma informed container where we explore the threads of your lineage, connecting with your ancestors and the wisdom they carry within you. This program is a promise of personal growth & transformation where you can finally break free from inherited traumas & negative beliefs, & take up space as an empowered, confident, awakened woman

Your current life challenges

Reclaiming Your Story: Ancestral Alchemy® & the Journey to Empowered Awakening

A life-changing experience that will ignite your inner fire and unlock the unlimited potential within you. This groundbreaking program offers a unique blend of ancestral wisdom and modern psychology, guiding you on a profound journey of self-discovery and healing. By delving into your ancestral lineage and understanding the patterns and beliefs that have been passed down through generations, you will gain deep insights into yourself and your true purpose. With the support of a skilled trauma informed facilitator and coach, and a like-minded community, you will learn powerful tools and rituals to release past traumas and rewrite your narrative, stepping into a life of authenticity and fulfillment.

Embrace this opportunity to reclaim your story, transcend limitations, and awaken the empowered version of yourself that has been waiting to emerge. Let Ancestral Alchemy® be your guide on this transformational journey towards lasting empowerment and self-realisation.

the unique magic of ancestral alchemy®

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery & healing?

Ancestral Alchemy, is a one-of-a-kind program that weaves together ancestral wisdom, and healing, group coaching, and spiritual practices. Through my unique medicine wheel, we explore the interconnectedness of past and present, recognizing how ancestral patterns manifest in our lives. We examine and reframe your limiting beliefs. Reset your nervous system with embodied somatic practices, and embrace the wisdom of your body. You will learn how to honour the feminine aspects of yourself, and align with natural rhythms for increased harmony and balance. Plus nurture a deep connection with your own unique ancestral gifts.

Ancestral Healing & Entangled Roots

Mindset Mastery & Reflective Practices

Somatic, Embodiment & Movement Rituals

weaving ancient wisdom with NLP coaching

what you learn

Over the course of 16 weeks, we will explore the Ancestral Alchemy Medicine Wheel, which encompasses four distinct quadrants: Reflection, Rebirth, Embodiment and Expansion. As we journey through each spiral, you will develop an understanding of:

Ancestral Alchemy™ - healing deep-rooted inherited trauma.

Connecting with Ancestral Wisdom

  • Exploring the interconnectedness of past & present
  • Recognising how ancestral patterns manifest in our lives
  • Examining the source of our emotional triggers
  • Identifying inherited traumas & negative beliefs
  • Exploring the witch wound & how it impacts the way we behave in life & work
  • Opening the space for profound healing & transformation
Ancestral Alchemy™ - healing deep-rooted inherited trauma.

Rewriting the Narrative of your life

  • Connection & guidance from wise, well, healed ancestors to heal your lineage
  • Reframing limiting beliefs
  • Breaking free from patterns of negativity & self-sabotage
  • Nurturing your inner child
  • Healing your money karma
  • Healing through acknowledgment & forgiveness
  • Shifting from victimhood to empowerment
  • Creating a new story for yourself
embodiment - ancestral alchemy

Awakening Your Inner Compass

  • Embracing body wisdom & honouring the feminine within
  • Reconnecting with the power of intuition
  • Practicing self-care as a form of self-love
  • Embracing self-compassion & forgiveness
  • Aligning with natural rhythms for increased harmony & balance
  • Nurturing presence & deep self-connection
  • Somatic nervous system reset
Ancestral Alchemy™ - healing deep-rooted inherited trauma.

Meet the Awakened Empowered Woman

  • Establishing healthy boundaries & nurturing positive connections
  • Harnessing the power of creativity for self-expression
  • Nurturing your unique ancestral gifts & wisdom
  • Stepping into your power & authenticity
  • Embodying confidence & self-assurance
  • Take up space as an awakened woman
  • Leave a meaningful legacy for future generations

My story

For years, I lived with fear, insecurity, and disconnection. I struggled with the belief that I wasn’t worthy enough, constantly seeking validation to prove my worth, and attracting unhealthy relationships as a result, no matter what I tried to do to change things, I still kept on repeating the patterns.

I had already embraced a mindful lifestyle, honouring the ancient traditions of our ancestors through a soulful connection to our feminine cyclical nature. By attuning myself to the ebbs and flows of my energy each day, I found solace and equilibrium amidst overwhelming moments and anxiousness. I had invested in self help books, and NLP coaching, which had helped me reframe things, but, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake this nagging feeling of inadequacy.

In April 2022, I had the opportunity to participate in an Empowered Feminine course that proved to be life-altering. Little did I know the profound transformation that awaited me during this exceptional journey. It was within the realm of this enlightening experience that I truly grasped the enormous influence my ancestors had in shaping the way I had been showing up in the world. This was a total gamechanger, every thing shifted!

I can finally love myself unconditionally and be my own source of validation. I have the courage to take risks and follow my dreams. I’m no longer afraid of failure or judgement. I trust my intuition and am my own best friend. I’m finally living the life I love.

I am an empowered, confident, awakened woman!

what you will gain from investing

imagine how it will feel when...

  • Overwhelm no longer affects you. Instead of identifying as a victim, you now embrace your strengths.
  • You have gained new found confidence and self-belief
  • You now feel more attuned to and empowered by your surroundings and connections.
  • You are eager to take advantage of opportunities now that you have overcome your fears and anxieties.
  • Improved mental wellbeing and emotional resilience are now part of your life.
  • Intimacy and connection are enhanced as a result of the meaningful relationships you create and attract.
  • Every setback and obstacle is just a stepping stone to the next amazing thing waiting for you.
  • Your life is now filled with happiness and fulfilment, because you have created space for it.
  • You’ve outgrown the tendency to hide in the shadows; instead, you are the leading lady!

your ancestral alchemy® healing journey

Program Includes:

plus these bonus offerings

Ancestral Alchemy™ - healing deep-rooted inherited trauma.


Hosted by the my beautiful soul sister Meghan Field. Qoya, an embodied movement practice, allows you to slow down, feel more and connect with your true, authentic self. It is based on the idea that through movement, we remember our true essence as wise, wild and free.

Ancestral Alchemy™ - healing deep-rooted inherited trauma.

The Sacred Pathway Journal

This digital journal supports and tracks your personal growth and spiritual journey for a three-month period. By engaging with your journal regularly, you will be able to cultivate a happier and healthier state of being as a result. Printable & Fillable Versions

Ancestral Alchemy® 4-Month Group Mentorship Program

Your Investment

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hear from my previous clients

This course helped me delve deep into parts of myself that I hadn't uncovered. It helped me to learn and reflect on what I wanted and then needed to change. This helped me align myself with words and feelings that I wanted to feel and live by.
I've gained a lot of insight from working with Tania on my path to healing. The challenges and struggles I had been identifying myself with and interpreting as solely mine were actually deeply rooted within the families of my ancestors and my cultural environment. I was able to see them as shared experiences, which gave me a fresh perspective on how to tackle those patterns of behaviour with a deeper understanding of myself. Those are the things I've learned, inherited, and which are mine.
She made me feel safe and secure and like I could share my story with no judgement. I was able to release some grief and trauma that I have been holding onto for a long time I found clarity as I went through this journey. The guidance and support I received were invaluable. The best thing you can do is to start your journey now.


The program last for 4 months, although you will have life-time access to the the modules

This program is tailored to uplift women who have experienced feelings of invisibility, disconnection, and a lack of worth, often driven by long-standing negative patterns and relationships. These may be rooted in ancestral trauma and disabling beliefs, which limit their true potential.
My aim is to empower these women, encouraging them to break away from these detrimental cycles. Inspire them to confidently discover and embrace their inner strength and creativity. My ultimate goal is to help them live life on their terms, boldly and without apology, enabling them to make the next chapter of their life more rewarding and fulfilling.

You will have the best experience if you can participate in any of the live mentoring sessions. However, if you can’t always participate live, you will have access to the recordings of each session.

The more names and stories that are available the better but it is also possible to work with the stories without all the full information available.

Wednesday evenings at 19:00 (UK Time) and will last between 60-90 minutes. They will usually be held the first 3 Wednesdays of the month. You will be notified of any changes.

Yes! It’s my intention to make sure this program is accessible for all.

This program is intended to encourage you to develop a regular practice and relationship with your depths. I recommend a half hour to an hour of inner work three times a week (at least). As a result, you’ll be able to build momentum in your process and keep the thread between sessions.

Gathering the courage to participate in group activities can feel challenging when one is shy or socially anxious. Don’t worry – many women in our Ancestral Alchemy space share similar feelings.
We’ve created an environment of warmth and respect from the beginning – our mission is all about safety and comfort for all. Remember – the choice of how much (or how little) you participate is completely up to you!
Despite that, we do gently encourage you to join the conversations and activities as much as you can. See this as a chance to flourish and build your confidence. Acknowledging and facing our anxieties can actually be a wonderful opportunity for personal growth. You might even end up discovering strengths you never knew you had!

I totally get that processing trauma can seem pretty daunting. The initial step I take is creating a secure and comfortable environment. Discussing traumatic incidents can be pretty intense, understandably so. The first thing I do is establish a safe and inviting space just for you. Here, you’ll have the freedom to delve into your memories and experiences at a pace that suits you best. I am always on hand to help support you as well.

Not sure if this is the perfect moment? The truth of the matter is, you may never feel entirely ready. The key element in having an extraordinary life, rather than a life kept on indefinite hold, is taking action before having all the details figured out. I’ve carefully curated this program to offer you the chance to step away from fear, uncertainty, and confusion and embrace a life of purpose.
Let’s consider this. How long are you willing to hold off to really start living life on your terms? Picture yourself four months later: you could be stuck in the same spot, grappling with anxiety, fear and self-doubt, convinced that you don’t have what it takes to live a life without limits. Or, you could be well on your way toward realising your future dreams, and living the life of a leading lady.

After your purchase has processed, you will be sent a confirmation email to create your login and password, which will give you instant access to the online teaching portal where you can access the program material. It will be drip fed to prevent overwhelm.

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